Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Let me guess, someones wondering what this guy is talking about right? lets find out.
So because his your boyfriend, he cant hang out with other girls? because shes your girlfriend she shouldn't hang out with other guys? you know, most times we get so over-protective of the whole relationship issue, forgetting that this people we are with had their lives before we met them, they had people they related with, they had friends, they had family. and all of a sudden you fall from no where and want to automatically colonize, tweak, revise(what ever you want to call it) them. That's perfectly wrong. Sure they should be some changes, but not too extreme. unless of cause they had a kinder crazy life before you, well that should change. My point here is, give them time and space to be with other people they care about in their lives, and not like immediately she says YES, your like in a baritone voice, "don't want to see Guy z, and Guy u around you. you can only see Guy D when am around you, and do call me before you see Guy E." well you should probably give her a timetable on how to run her life or his life. once heard the story of my friends sister, who always
followed the boyfriend around and even being there when he was hanging out with his close home boys, guess what?... yea, you guessed right, the relationship lasted only a couple of weeks, cause his home boys complained about it, that they didn't have privacy no more, and she didn't really stop, she either asked him what he talked about with his friends or went as far as calling one to tell her what they talked about, he had to use the red button, cause he was tiered of being followed by some monitoring guard in the name of a girlfriend. common fellas, its a relationship not some detention or prison, or some spy mission! she/he needs time apart from you, learn to give them space..
They may be like, "baby i want to spend every single second with you", sure that, right there is super romantic but its not good for them neither is it good for you cause you need your own time and space. OK, have you ever been in a room for like 3 days at a stretch without coming out? when you finally came out, what did it feel like? ... i know, you felt like your seeing the world for the first time, right? like you lost track of time? so it is when you
spend too much time with anyone, be it your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse. never spend so much time together that you loose track of events around you, or you neglect you personal life. Am not trying to sound selfish but your personal life matters as much as that relationship. so learn to let them be sometimes, let them have fun with other people, it goes a long way to show them you trust them, as well as strengthen the relationship. go to the movies with friends, go shopping with family, spend some independent time and come back and share the gist about the time you spent independently together, it goes a long way to boost the happiness and build Trust in a relationship.

Hope you got something, please feel free to share and let others know, you can even share this with your partner, am sure they did love it! and if you did like to contact me, feel free to use the "CONTACT ME" or "ABOUT ME" tab.