Hi, my name is KOCEE, I write BHR(Building Healthy Relationship) blog to help people build stronger relationships, be it your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. I aim at also helping you become better at being you, cause if your having problems with you, then it did definitely affect your relationship. i took interests in relationships quite early in life, lets just say, at about 12 or 13 years of age(wired right?) but I have come a long way since then. Since then I have observed and watched a lot of them, both closely and from afar, and i have also had a few unforgettable nice ones, and also a couple of ugly ones that just didn't work out, and have been able to extract some lessons from them that could help you better yours. Haven't been blogging for long, but have been advising people off the internet and on social media(well that's on the internet). So I  just thought that I could share somethings I know with a wider audience and affect more lives by bettering their relationships, and as a result of that you are here. don't get it twisted, am far from being the relationship expert but i love to learn and discover new things, and that's exactly what i did be doing here, sharing what I learn, as well as letting you know what I already know. So, if you want to learn new things that can improve you as well as your relationships, please do feel free to bookmark the page as well as follow me on my Facebook, Google+. Also check out our Facebook page, for instant updates on our new can contact or E-mail me via:
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