Wednesday, August 23, 2017

6 Things to look out for in any Healthy Relationship.


    There aren't too many healthy relationships around these days, inspite of all the billions of relationships around the world. So how do we know when one is healthy or needing help?

1. Your free to live independently of each other: sometimes we think that because your a couple, you have to do every thing together. Mind you, before him/her, you had your life to live and after them you still have it to live. Sure there has to be some dependence, but not at the things you enjoy doing alone.

2. Maintaining other relationships: sometimes we think that because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend(or married) every other person of the opposite sex should stay off and that's totally wrong. You should be able to maintain other relationships, hang out with friends, go partying with friends, it doesn't have to be your guy or girl always. Have fun with friends!

3. Trust should not be a problem: actually, any relationship lacking trust is not far from heating the rocks, and it sure isn't a healthy relationship either. When ever you keep worrying your self when he/she says they are going out with a friend, then there is surely a problem. You should be able to relax and trust each other, when your around them or away from them. Its too much stress doing the spy job!

4. Your free to make decisions with regards to your life or relationship: it shouldn't be the guy taking all the decisions or the girl. C'mon people! We are in the era of democracy, although I don't mean you should be casting votes before you make decisions but you should be able to come to an agreement of what is good for the both of you at any particular point in time. Also when taking personal decisions, you can involve them but be sure to do what seems right to you, and of course after weighing their opinion along side yours.

5. Being able to understand and tolerate each other: Like trust, understanding is key. Having in mind you two are two very different people that have an aim, without understanding, you would find your differences always rising to the surface. Sure sometimes, your differences can showup but having them showup too often is never good for a relationship. He doesn't like to watch Disney channel, but you do, You could simply forfeit watching it around him till, maybe when he lives. Or she doesn't like going to a particular restaurant down the street but you do, you can take her somewhere else and go on your own or with some friends later! Its called Tolerance.

6. Respect for each others 'set boundaries': people come into relationships with a personality and rules that guides their very existence. And that should be treated with respect and not altered unless of cause by mutual agreement. Say he/she decides they don't want to have sex, there should be no pressure from you whatsoever to go against that rule. Actually learning to respect your partners do's and don't goes a long way to say how much you love and respect them.

      So, Having a relationship isn't all that easy, But if you really want to have one, you have to work for it and make sure to keep it healthy. What other things do you think is necessary in building a healthy relationship? Please do drop your comments below.

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