Friday, August 25, 2017

6 things you need to know about being Happy in a Relationship.

 He makes me happy! She makes me Happy! Beautiful and excellent! But wait a minute, do you make you happy? Sometimes we get our head so into this relationship thing that we forget about our personal life. Let's get a few things straight here.

3 Things you should Never do:

  •      Relationships is never the solution to your personal struggles or sadness: people have very awkward reasons for being in a relationship, like: "I just want to date him so that I can find happiness" and that right there is a wrong reason to even start any type of relationship. 80% of the times people do that, they often end up meeting more sadness. 70% of all failed relationships where owing to the fact they were started for the wring reasons. Learn to make you happy.

  •     Never enter a relationship with an Unhappy person: I agree with people when they say love is all that matters in a relationship, but I can name over a dozen people I have fallen for but never dated, because they didn't meet other standards, either I came to know they are cheats or where moody people (don't really like Moody people) or I discovered they were liers, etc. So also don't date an unhappy person (we often call them sadists) no matter how much you love them. Reason being that they could end up passing down that problem to you and deem your own happiness, and take you away from things that give you joy, and no one wants that right?
  •     Never make a decision for your own Happiness at the expense of your partners': Don't lord things over your partner, be you the guy or the girl, especially when it comes to matters concerning you two. There should be a level ground. Sure sometimes one can decide to sacrifice their happiness to get through a certain event, but don't do it too often, its never healthy for you.

     3 Things you should know and practice to reap more Happiness while in a Relationship:

  •       Your Happiness is more of a personal issue than a mutual issue:  
      yes, you heard me right. We too often burden others with the heavy weight of making us happy, everybody's got there own Damn problem, and they are trying to find there way, yes even your partner. You have got to rise to the challenge of finding what makes you happy. I have this friend of mine whom on every 14th February goes to a choicest restaurant in town alone and shows him self some love. Yes! His doing what makes him happy. What's yours? Find out today.
  •    Never hold a grudge against your partner: un-forgiveness can go a long way in hindering your personal happiness as well as your mutual happiness with your partner. Whenever you see them you just remember what they did to you and all of a sudden your smiling face flips and so does your happiness. When ever you are wronged, try talking it out with them. Never carry a grudge. Its not worth it.
  •      Do what you two love doing together: go places where you love together, go watch games together, eat together, go to the movies together. Take turns engaging in activities that make the other person happy cause in doing so, you guys are bringing your personal joy's and happiness to the table and combining it to form one big heart of joy and in turn strengthen your bond. Learn to make you happy, cause you cant give or bring to the table what you do not have.

Make yourself Happy today!

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