Monday, August 21, 2017

Healthy relationships?

          Finally I get to write my first post! Its a beautiful Monday morning! Can you feel it? I sure can! And the best part of it is, am on holidays and don't have to worry that am running late for school, refreshing, isn't it? Now let's take a look at people who really make holidays fun; what comes to your mind? Family, friends, your date right? That's right and your in are relationship with all these people. How do you make sure this relationships stay healthy? Well that's pretty much what this blog is all about. But just as a way of introduction, what's a Healthy relationship? first what does it mean to be healthy? Note that "health is the state of mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." This means that a healthy relationship is not one free of quarrels or fights but its one in which despite all odds the persons involved decide to hold on to each other.

         Personally, in my opinion every relationship needs a fight once in a while. It reminds us we are all human and are capable of making mistakes, and that's where tolerance comes in but that's a topic for another day. So let me know, what do you think of conflicts in a relationship and how do you think it strengthens or weakens them? Feel free to comment. Thank you for your time.

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