Monday, August 21, 2017

The role of Sensitivity and Tolerance in a relationship.

     How many times do you feel like, ahhh! Dad's being so insensitive! or she's being too sensitive! You know? Either ways we always seem to complain, either they are being too sensitive or they are lacking sensitivity, people never get satisfied them, do you? Well that further stresses the uniqueness of everyone.
     What does it mean to be sensitive? In my own words it means to be emotionally alert and functional. Sometimes, we genuinely make comments, say, to your partner, and you felt like nothing was wrong with the comment, only for you to see tears rolling Down their chicks or they pickup a fight, and your like, What the...! What did I say wrong? That's being over sensitive right? Or sometimes we even classify them as being stupid or as someone who seeks loves conflict.
     Now that's where TOLERANCE comes in. In my words, tolerance is being able to put up with someone's weaknesses no matter how irritating they maybe. You may say; that behaviour is totally intolerable! True! Somethings can't be tolerated, but we have to learn to tolerate what we can do little about.
     I remember having a thing for this girl back then. Only to get close to her and realize, she always had mood swings and also was a very emotional person, sometimes I got really irritated. But from then I learned to overlook her weaknesses and focus more on where she was getting it right, why? Because I saw it as a sacrifice I had to make things work.
    When we start seeing tolerance as a sacrifice and not an opportunity to condone unfavorable behavior, we did find it easier to tolerate.
    Don't get me wrong! Am not trying to support oversensitivity, honestly speaking it can b irritating. But when we learn to see them in the other person as a weakness and learn to correct with love, things did be much more easier, conducive and healthy between you people.
    I believe that a little bit of sensitivity can help spice up every relationship, what do you think? Feel free to live your comments below.

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