Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fighting For Your Relationship...

      Don't get it twisted! Don't think I mean you should go put on your boxing gloves and get ready for a fight, nah its far from that. But what I do mean is making your relationship work.

     Have you ever been in a relationship that eventually crashed? That's because little or no effort was put into it. Just like you have to invest time and money into a business to make it work, same goes for relationships. TIME and EFFORT are key to the success or failure of every relationship.

    When last did you guys spend time together? When last did you Ring them? When last did you send them flowers or a gift? When last did you chat them? If your not able to answer 50% of this questions, then believe me, that relationship is heading for the rocks

    Let's just say He/She stays really far from you, we call that long distance right? But contrary to what people think, distance in 75% of the cases was not the cause for which that relationship hit the rocks, its usually due to Neglect or lack of effort. True you can't speak one-on-one due to the distance But have you tried a video call, sending voice notes or even visit them once in a while?

   Try spending time together, pick that phone and call them, send them gifts, make out time and visit them when possible, show them you care. By doing this your fighting to make things work. If you really value the relationship, forget that the other person doesn't put in much and just do your part. True, it can be discouraging, but thats why its called a sacrifice, it can be tough Bt like I said, its a FIGHT to make it WORK!

    What other things do you think can save a relationship heading for the rocks?? Feel free to comment, and ask your questions too, would be glad to help out!

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